Loyalty Bonuses at Online Casinos

The more competitive the iGaming industry becomes, the more inventive ways online casinos come up with to encourage players’ loyalty. As a result, you can get tons of free play in the form of free spins and match offers on top of the usual bonuses offered by the venues. But that is not everything loyalty programs have to offer. Often, you get to unlock a number of extra perks and goodies, and even access to exciting prize draws. 

There are of course loyalty schemes that work differently and each casino picks the format that finds most suitable for its players. Down below, you can find some of the best loyalty programs in the entire industry and if you keep reading, you will find more details about the loyalty bonuses and how they work.

How Loyalty Programs Work and What They Offer

Even though loyalty programs may vary greatly, they all have one thing in common – they seek to encourage players to keep playing and keep coming back. Therefore, almost always online casinos pay comp points (bonus points) for every stake you make in the venue. Different casinos may have a different name for it to stand out from the crowd, but it is always essentially the same thing.

Comp points

As mentioned, comp points are awarded for playing real money casino games. However, you should keep in mind that the different games usually award a different amount of points. Staking €1 on slots for example may yield 1 point, whereas on blackjack half a point. It is good to know as well that at some venues you may get free comps just for signing up. However, don’t expect anything more than a euro or two worth of points.

The other important point is that comps almost always have a face value. It is usually something in the range of 1,000 equating to €1, with each venue stating the conversion rate on the page of their loyalty program. Furthermore, not only that you can exchange points for cash, but they are often used for climbing up a loyalty ladder. It goes without saying that the higher your rank is, the more you get for your points.

Loyalty ladders

To make things more engaging, casinos usually break down their loyalty program into a number of levels. Depending on the type of program, you can either get more money for your points by climbing up or you get to unlock special bonuses and features along the way. Keep in mind that ladder points usually get reset on a monthly basis. Some venues may allow take you just one level down the ladder, but in most cases, you start all over again at the beginning of each month.

Loyalty Bonuses

The rewards you get as a loyal player vary from venue to venue. Aside from the money value of the comps, they may also bring you free spins, special offers or match bonuses as you climb up through the status levels. What is more, some venues have special stores where you can redeem your points for exciting gear or free play on different games. It is also very common to get extra perks like priority support, better withdrawal terms and even birthday presents and invites to exclusive events.

How to Join a Loyalty Program

It really depends on the casino but in most cases, you automatically take part in the loyalty program as soon as you make your first deposit. As already mentioned, you may even get a flying start with a bunch of free comps just for becoming a member. This however is not always the case as some casinos seek to provide loyalty specials to its high rollers only. What this means is that you would have to play on a big bankroll in order to get access. If however, this is the case, you can expect much more exciting rewards, goodies and perks. In addition, if you are a VIP player at another casino, you may get instant access when switching venus. 

  • Do all online casinos have a loyalty program?

    No, but usually the big names in the industry or casinos that come from big and well-established groups have some form of a loyalty program.

  • Do I need to be a high roller to take part in a loyalty program?

    Not at all, most casinos make sure all players have access to their loyalty programs. Usually, they are set up in a way that the more of a high roller a player is, the better rewards he or she gets. With that being said however some programs are exclusively designed for high-stake players and you would have to be one in order to gain access.

  • Do loyalty bonuses have staking or deposit requirements?

    Both are possible depending on the venue. In the majority of cases, a loyalty reward gets treated as a standard bonus and has standard rollover requirements. This of course depends on the venue’s policy and in some cases, the free play is wager-free. In terms of whether you would have to make a deposit, it again depends on the casino. You may sometimes get free spins that require a certain top-up and that is especially true if you get a match offer..

  • Do bets made on Android or iPhone yield comps?

    Yes, casinos don’t make a difference between whether you play on mobile or a PC as long as you are making real money wagers. What is more, some casinos seek to encourage mobile play and may even increase the comps accumulated in the mobile casino.

  • Do I have to play for real money to get comps?

    This is by far the most common way of racking up points. Some casinos however may reward you comps for signing up, making a deposit, verifying your account or phone number or even for regularly signing in to your account.

  • Do I get comps from playing demo games?

    No, demo play is only for practicing and casinos won’t offer any incentives for doing so. If you want to earn comps, you would have to play for real money or complete a task or series of tasks required by the venue.