Cashback Online Casino Bonuses

Cashback bonuses are becoming an increasingly popular sight at online casinos. This is of course because players know they are by far the best way of controlling risk and minimizing losses. Even though high-stake players greatly benefit from them, they are also great for recreational players who are just starting to explore the exciting world of iGaming.

No matter which type you are, you will be happy to find down below some of the best cashback offers in the entire industry. And if you need a bit of introduction of how they actually work and what you need to know about them, you simply need to keep reading.

What is Cashback and is it Worth it

Online casino cashback is identical to the cashback of any other service. You will get reimbursed for your losing deposits by up to a certain percentage and up to a certain amount. How much, is entirely up to the venue. It can range from 10% to 50% and even more in some cases, and usually is usually up to a couple of hundred Euros.

It goes without saying you can’t really lose when playing a cashback bonus. Quite the contrary, you get a chance to turn the tables and make up for a losing gaming session. With that being said, there are certain restrictions and requirements that you should keep in mind.

Things to Know About Cashback Bonuses

Wagering Requirements

As already mentioned, cashback bonuses can be of different percentages and up to a different amount. However, they often come with wagering (staking) requirements attached. This means the money you get back, can’t be instantly withdrawn. You would have to play them through a certain amount of times before you can cash out. If for example, you get €100 as a cashback with 10x staking requirements, you would need to make bets worth a total of €1,000. This however is not always the case. Some venues offer wager-free cashback, which means that the money you get back are yours to do whatever you wish with them.

Time Frames

Usually cashback offers will reimburse you for losses made during a certain period. This is usually a week but the bonus may just as well apply for the weekend only. Either way, you would have to check the venue’s T&Cs to make sure you are actually covered by the cashback.

Game Limitations

In the majority of cases, the cashback applies for a certain section of the casino. This can be the live casino, certain live tables, the slots etc. This information is always available on the bonus page and needless to say, it is essential to be aware of this before starting to play.

How to Claim a Cashback

Venues nowaday make sure their bonus offering is to understand and work with. Cashback bonuses make no difference. Whenever you find a casino offering one, in almost all cases you would have to simply opti-in for the offer. This is done from the page of the bonus and there is usally a toggle for it. Keep in mind that venues with recurring cashback would require you to opt-in everytime the cashback period is over.

Different Types of Casino Cashback Offers

Welcome Cashback Bonus

This is a relatively new trend in the industry and a very effective way for casinos to help new players overcome their insecurity of losing. Usually they are much more favoirable than recurring offer, having low to none staking requirements and reimbursing you to a greater extend. Naturally, you can claim a welcome cashback bonus only once.

Regular Cashback

There are online casino who have fully embraced the idea of offering their players cashback. This means that the cashback is integral part of their offer and you would aways have access it. Bear in mind however that such offers tend to be more modest or have high rollover requirements.

Tiered Cashback Systems

Quite so often online gaming venues would integrate their cashback into their loyalty systems. Having different levels, the higher you climb up, the better the bonus becomes. To keep improving the bonus, you would simply have to collect comps for playing real money games.

VIP Cashback

There are brands that want to show high rollers special attention by making the cashback exclusive to them. What this means that unless you regularly play with a bankroll of about €500 and more, it will be off limits. On the good side, if you happen to qualify for one, you can expect it to be wager-free.

Event Cashbacks

Casinos that don’t have a recurring cashback often include it in special events. This can be anything from Roulette or Blackjack weeks or weekends or cashback on newly introduced games.

Cashback FAQ

  • Do all online casinos offer cashback?

    Even though it is becoming an increasingly popular practice to offer a cashback, not all venues do. You can quickly find out if a venue has on or not by simply browsing its Promotions page.

  • Do all casbhacks have wagering requiments?

    In the majority of cases - yes, but not aways. Some welcome offers, one-time cashbacks and VIP cashbacks come without further strings attached. To find out if this is the case, you would have to go through the bonus T&Cs.

  • Would cashback cover every loss I make?

    This is common misunderstanding. Cashbacks cover only losing deposits and not losses you have racked up. So, you can’t get a cashback if you haven’t lost your deposit.

  • Are cashbacks instantly paid out?

    Yes, but after the period it applies to. If a cashback covers your weekly losses, you will get your money back by the beginning of the week.

  • Would a cashback cover losses made on mobile?

    Of course, online casinos don’t differentiate between losses accumulated across the different platforms. Hence, no matter if you like playing on an Android, iPhone or PC, you will be able to benefit from your cashback.